Winter School:

Boiling Phenomena: physics and characterization

December 15-20, 2024
at the CNRS Paul Langevin Center in Aussois, France

The CNRS network "GDR Transinter (Phase DEUX)" organizes a winter school on boiling. This event will be held from 15 to 20 December 2024 at the CNRS Paul Langevin Centre in Aussois (France).

The emphasis will be on modelling the underlying physical phenomena and characterising them. The courses will be given in english by french and foreign experts in the fields.

Participants will be invited to present their research and questions on the subject in poster sessions to foster the interactivity of the courses.
- Organizers

Registrations are open!

The registration platform is open. You can register now via the link below!

Topics covered at the conference

Interface Thermodynamics and Classical Nucleation Theory
Pool boiling
Balance Equation in Thermo-Hydraulics
Numerical method
Kinetics of Phase Transition
Experimental methods
Dynamics and Growth of Single Bubble
Convective boiling
Special Topics: High Pressure Ebullition

Course organization

55-minute class

4 morning classes
3 in the afternoon
32 hours total

2 free half-days

Two free half-days are included to allow you to enjoy the site to the full. More information will be available shortly. In the meantime, you can consult the centre's website directly.

scientific committee

Nicolas Rimbert, GDR TransInter
Michel Gradeck, LEMTA
Julien Sebilleau, IMFT
Christophe Josserand, Ladhyx
Jocelyn Bonjour, CETHIL
Marie-Christine Duluc, LIPSET, CNAM
Nathalie Seiler, CEA
Guillaume Bois, CEA
Claude Cambon, ERCOFTAC
Mickael Bourgoin, GDR NS 2.00
Stéphane Mimouni, EDF

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